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A Story of Passion, Risk-Taking, and Professional Development

At Western Design+Build, stepping outside of the comfort zone is not just encouraged, it’s celebrated. This ethos is perfectly embodied by Sara Peddle, our Senior Designer and Studio Manager, whose personal journey in rediscovering her passion for dance mirrors our commitment to growth and exploration.

Sara’s relationship with dance began at an early age, and like many stories, there was a pause — an intermission of eight years before she found her way back to the dance studio. What’s remarkable about Sara’s story is the revelation that it’s never too late to return to a passion, to rekindle a skill, and perhaps most importantly, to find oneself in the rhythm once more.

Her journey led her to Broken Rhythms, a local not-for-profit professional contemporary dance company based in Victoria. Since 2017, she has danced with the company, embracing the raw, visceral art of movement and expression. Broken Rhythms itself is a tale of growth and courage. It began as an act created for the Intrepid Theatre’s ‘YOU Show’ in 2012, and has blossomed over the years into a significant player in the local arts scene.

The company is lauded for its artistic integrity and especially unique for the ethical practice of compensating its artists, a rarity in the industry. This aligns with Sara’s and WDB’s principles of valuing work and pushing beyond the conventional boundaries. Their latest show, “Knotted,” was a profound exploration of chronic pain, told through the universal language of dance, resonating differently with each viewer.

The notion of taking risks is at the core of Sara’s personal and professional messaging. A vivid example she shares is the company’s decision to transition from the familiar venue of the Metro Theater to the grander stage of the McPherson Theater. This leap was monumental, not just in terms of physical space with a much larger audience, but also in the metaphorical distance they journeyed from their comfort zone. 

At work, Sara’s narrative takes on another dimension. Construction and design, industries traditionally dominated by men, are fields where stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be daunting. Yet, Sara’s decade-long experience with WDB is filled with instances where she has said “yes” to challenges, learning and adapting in real-time. From the beginning, when the company was just a few people strong, to now as a leader in the local design+build construction community, she has been part of its evolution, embodying the idea that comfort zones are merely starting points for greater journeys.

WDB’s ethos is about pushing boundaries and redefining spaces — both literally in terms of the structures we create and figuratively, in the professional growth we foster in ourselves and those around us. This is mirrored in how we encourage our employees to lead, innovate, and thrive, asserting the importance of diverse voices in leading the charge.

Our support for Broken Rhythms extends beyond moral encouragement. We believe in contributing to the fabric of our community, and actively sponsor the arts, including Broken Rhythms recent Knotted show and their upcoming LASHBASH event. We challenge you to join us in supporting Broken Rhythms and ask for donations to their silent auction. Gift cards and baskets are greatly appreciated and your donation will be acknowledged and celebrated in their community.

Sara’s involvement with dance and WDB is a narrative about harmony — between passion and profession, individual growth and community support. It’s a reminder that comfort zones, while safe, are merely launching pads for greater achievements. The beauty of her story lies in its universal applicability. It’s a call to action for anyone contemplating a leap into the unknown.

Sara’s experiences, both on stage and on the jobsite, exemplify a fundamental belief: that embracing new challenges is the cornerstone of personal and professional development. Whether it’s through the art of dance, the meticulous process of design and construction, or any other venture, stepping beyond familiarity can lead to unexpected and fulfilling destinations.

As Western Design + Build continues to champion these values, Sara’s journey serves as an inspiration, illustrating that when you dare to step out, the stage of life is vast and filled with possibility. So, the question is, are you ready to dance?
Please contact Sara at: regarding much-needed donations to the Broken Rhythms LashBash Silent Auction. Thank you for participating in our greater community!

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