Western Design + Build created a modern, bright, colourful coworking space for the Government of BC, with lots of gathering places and visual interest for an enticing, engaging office experience.

The Grit: It took a lot of hard work to ensure all aspects of the design were coordinated with a 25+ person project team, while shifting gears mid-pandemic, but everyone pulled together to realize their goal.

The Sparkle: Seeing our ecstatic clients watching their vision come to life, from an empty concrete shell to a vibrant and cohesive creative space for every work style.


  • Large scale commercial office design
  • Client advocacy and support 
  • Full drawing and specification
  • Project management

“Creating a successful project during a pandemic was incredibly challenging. Learning to pivot on the spot while still striving for that shared end goal took supreme effort; we all supported the clients and each other through it. Even with the challenges, we never lost sight of the vision and purpose for the project, so its success is all the more sweet now.”

Laura Thompson, Interior Designer

Laura from Western Design + Build