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Interior Design + Construction Management Services 

Bonding with you as the client is what we prioritize. We build our relationship with you first. Then we build your project together.


Western’s design+build model offers you a robust support structure.

When you partner with us, your interior designers are your project managers and construction managers, so you have the same points of contact throughout the course of your project.

Every client is allied with a ‘pod’ and each pod consists of 3 varied team members, so you are always well-supported.

Meet Our Team

“Ann never takes for granted that what you’re given is as good as it could possibly be. She is constantly innovating with every step forward in an industry that doesn’t shift quickly.”

Robert Fung,
Salient Group

From Start to Finish

All our commercial design and construction services are available a la carte; choose which serve you and your project best: design, procurement and construction management.

During the Design Phase, we ask the right questions, embed ourselves in your vision, create a cohesive plan and develop the construction documents package.

Design and construction phases overlap during the Pre-Construction Phase when we develop the OOM (Order of Magnitude) estimation, coordinate all architectural and engineering consultants and fast track any specialty suppliers and trades.

As we move forward together into the Project & Construction Management Phase, all our planning finally comes together in the construction of your beautiful and functional space.

Ann’s diverse team confidently cuts through the traditionally male dominated work environment of construction. She has shown herself as a leader on every project, often managing difficult problems with respect and grace towards a positive outcome for the architects, engineers, subcontractors, and clients.

Pauline van Blokland
Past owner,
Western Interior Design

Pauline Van Blokland

Here are some examples of how you could engage with us through the construction phase of your project:


Western Design+Build acts as the Interior Designer only, supporting you and your other design professionals to develop an integrated Construction Documents package. You and your own Project Manager tender and then award the project to a General Contractor of your choosing.


Western Design+Build coordinates all consultants, including architects and engineers, produces the Interior Design package, performs all Pre-Construction services to organize and set up the project, and then acts as the General Contractor, in partnership with you, soliciting multiple bids from suppliers and sub-trades on the approved design package.


You use your own design team, including architects, engineers and interior designers, to produce a Construction Documents package. Western Design+Build acts as the Project Manager and Construction Manager, ideally contracted during the design phase to assist the design team in feasibility and value engineering.

We then take your project out to tender, contract all subtrades and suppliers, and build the project. You pay for our time, plus a 15% transparent margin on all hard costs.


Procurement is a fancy word for buying things. This service makes your life a whole lot easier. We have direct purchasing relationships with many manufacturers and trades, such as wallcovering suppliers, carpet mills, furniture makers, acoustic panel installers and stained-glass artisans.

We can help you source almost anything: new restaurant tables and chairs, new custom feature lighting, or new furniture packages for your office or lounge. We handle all shipping and receiving, unpacking, assembly and install.


Many of our services are available on an ‘a la carte’ basis, including: 

  1. Project cost estimation and OOM (Order of Magnitude) Construction Budgets, particularly for TI (Tenant Improvement)
  2. Test fits for real estate agents and commercial leasing specialists to show how tenants or owners might use a particular space
  3. Facilitation of special strata counsel and committee meetings for planning common area upgrades in strata buildings
  4. Incorporating your businesses’ visual identity into your space through subtle branding design
  5. Pre-Construction Services, including feasibility studies, programming and coordination of trades and consultants.

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